Winter Stations 2019 theme is migration

Winter Stations is celebrating its fifth international design competition to bring temporary public art installations to The Beaches for an exhibition to honour Toronto’s winter waterfront landscape from February 18 to April 1. The Winter Stations 2019 theme is Migration.

The Forest of Butterflies installation represents the annual migration of thousands of Canadian Monarch butterflies to Mexico. Spectators can run, dance, play, chase and hide from artificial, assembled butterflies.

Mind Station allows people to lose their physical dimension and concentrate on the value of thought migration. The pavilion gathers guests inside a spherical container, that step up so that only their heads appear through holes to other visitors.

Above the Wall positions humans, physically and symbolically, above a barrier constructed around the lifeguard stand. The idea of a wall as a literal physical boundary between countries is r-emerging as a nationalist tool to prevent migration.

Cavalcade is an installation that reflects the collective spirit of human movement. The spectator is placed in the midst of this movement as their reflection off a mirror at the centre of the installation reaffirms a collective connection.

Chairavan reimagines the lifeguard tower as a migratory species. The proportions of the original tower have been stretched, shrunk and distorted to create an array of characters within the species. The placement of the chairs in turn suggests a pattern of migration.

Ground² is an experiential journey of migration that beckons the user to participate in the ever-shifting human and environmental landscape by climbing and traversing a destabilized path of temporary, scattered, structures.

Photo: Forest of Butterflies installation.

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