Understanding Toronto government: there’s a guide for that

For many, the din of political conversation is confusing, irritating and tiresome. But unfortunately, political decisions are being made everyday that affect your life. The irritation may have reached a fever pitch in the runup to the last municipal election with the province forcefully reducing the size of Toronto council, leaving many, even seasoned political watchers bewildered by what it all means.

For those that want to catch up with how city council works, the good folks at the City of Toronto have produced a guide that explains how the city operates, the city’s legislative structure and other information to help residents understand, access and participate in the daily life of the City of Toronto.

Okay, so it’s not going to be a Pulitzer winner and the bland blue cover will never win any creative awards, but the simple, well-organized guide is something every informed Torontonian should download and have.

You can find it on the Toronto.ca website or you can go directly to: toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/8c91-A1804117_IntroToTheCity_DecUpdate_web.pdf.

Happy reading over the holidays.

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