Trillium Health Partners (THP) received an unprecedented final score of 99.84 per cent from Accreditation Canada, an independent non-governmental organization that operates as an affiliate of Health Standards Organization.

Last November, six Accreditation Canada surveyors spent one week meeting with staff, volunteers and learners in 79 units and departments throughout THP. Of the 2,567 applicable accreditation standards, the hospital met 2,563, which according to the onsite surveyors, was an outstanding accomplishment for an organization the size of THP.

A not-for-profit organization, Accreditation Canada works with patients, policymakers and the public to improve the quality of health and social services.

Michelle DiEmanuele, THP president and CEO, understandably proud of the results.

“The final results of Accreditation Canada’s survey validates that Trillium Health Partners truly is an exemplary organization,” she said. “This outcome shows that our staff, professional staff, volunteers and learners put commitment, hard work and relentless courage at the heart of everything they do in order to continue to advance our organizational excellence.”

Since its first accreditation as a merged organization in 2013, THP has made significant progress and has achieved excellence in many areas of the hospital. Ensuring high-quality care and patient safety, implementing best practices in departments, such as Infection Prevention and Control, and creating a cohesive culture through the strength and commitment of THP leadership and physician engagement were among the many successes noted.

Accreditation Canada also commended the THP approach to patient involvement in a variety of patient and family advisory committees across the organization. Though not an official component of the most recent assessment, patient involvement will be included as a component of the survey standards when THP takes their next assessment in 2021.

“You should celebrate what you are as an organization, what you have become, and what you have the capacity to achieve,” said Jim Hornell, Accreditation Canada surveyor. “You’ve come a long way to creating one culture – Trillium Health Partnership – that you work in. You should be proud of the work you’ve done. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Accreditation is a voluntary process where hospitals and healthcare organizations across Canada can choose to participate. The process occurs every four years and provides a third-party assessment of the quality and safety standards found throughout the organization, following a predetermined list of standards and best practices.

Trillium Health Partners is one of the largest community-based acute care facilities in Canada. Comprised of Credit Valley Hospital, the Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre, Trillium Health Partners serves the growing and diverse populations of Mississauga, West Toronto, and surrounding communities.

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Photo: Michelle DiEmanuele, Trillium Health Partners president and CEO, along with THP staff accept the Accreditation Canada certificate.

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