TPS launches the vulnerable persons registry

The Toronto Police Services launches the Vulnerable Persons Registry — a voluntary database that allows the community to provide important information to First Responders about the issues that vulnerable members of the community are coping with.

The information in the database includes details such as specific behaviours officers might encounter, recommended de-escalation strategies and contact information for family members or other individuals who can provide support.

The Registry is geared towards people who have lost cognitive ability or may not be able to communicate with officers, especially in a time of crisis.

The information, which can include a photo and description, is provided on a voluntary basis by the registered person, a caregiver or power of attorney and can be updated anytime online.

Chief Mark Saunders welcomed the additional resource for officers and the community.

“The Vulnerable Persons Registry is a voluntary information-sharing portal that allows the public to work with police to keep their loved ones safe. It is a great example of a community partnership that helps the public, and allows our officers their work in a safe and positive manner,” Chief Saunders said. “When officers are given better information they get better outcomes.”

Autism Speaks Canada National Program Director Esther Rhee said the Registry empowers people.

“We’re excited about this registry because it is a collaborative approach to optimizing experiences and encounters with police,” said Rhee, who also co-chairs the Toronto Police Disabilities Consultative Committee. “It’s an empowering and proactive way to share important information with police officers and an instrumental tool to increase safety and well-being. The committee looks forward to working with TPS to ensure the community know about this vital resource.”

The public can register online by visiting and clicking on Vulnerable Persons Registry.

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