Toronto residents to receive Order of Canada

A man whose contributions to the science of food engineering have improved the lives of millions of people around the world and a woman who has advocated for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights are among 103 new appointments to the Order of Canada.

Toronto’s Levente László Diosady and Ann-Marie MacDonald, who is also recognized for her multi-faceted contributions to the arts in Canada, are among 15 officers of the Order of Canada announced by Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette.

Appointments are made for sustained achievement at three levels: companion, officer and member. A companion recognizes national pre-eminence or international service or achievement. An officer recognizes national service or achievement. A member recognizes outstanding contributions at the local or regional level or in a special field of activity.

Following is a list of other Toronto appointments:

Companions of the Order of Canada: James Arthur is recognized for his seminal contributions to contemporary mathematics, notably through his ground-breaking advancements to the theory of numbers’ trace formula. Geoffrey E. Hinton is honoured for his seminal contributions to the advancement of artificial intelligence as a computer scientist and specialist in cognitive psychology.

Members of the Order of Canada: Brent Belzberg is recognized for his contributions to Canada’s economic and social landscape as a business leader and philanthropist. Barbara M. Bowlby and John M. Brunton are commended for their contributions to the Canadian broadcasting industry. Kevin J. Dancey is honoured for his dedication to unifying the accounting profession in Canada and for developing a national financial literacy program.

John Ferguson Godfrey is celebrated for his commitment as a public servant and educator who has enriched Canada’s media landscape. Blake Charles Goldring is appointed for his contributions to business and philanthropy, notably for the well-being of veterans and their families.

Gordon Cecil Gray is honoured for his contributions to Canada’s real estate industry and for his philanthropic commitment to education and wildlife initiatives. Jay Hennick is recognized for his leadership in Canadian business and for his dedicated support for health and educational initiatives. Michael Higgins and Paul John Higgins are celebrated for their leadership in Canada’s food industry, notably in developing and promoting sustainable business practices.

John Kirk Howard is recognized for his commitment to Canadian authors and to a domestically-owned publishing industry. Barbara Jackman is honoured for her contributions to legal education and for her advocacy of immigration and refugee rights. Christina Jennings is celebrated for her commitment to the Canadian film industry and for her promotion of women in this field.

Alexandra F. Johnston is commended for her scholarly contributions to the humanities, notably in early drama studies. Bengt Jörgen is honoured for his commitment to promoting ballet in Canada as a choreographer and artistic director. Mary R. L’Abbé is honoured for her contributions to the health of Canadians as a champion of nutrition.

Donald Gordon Lawson is appointed for his contributions to educational initiatives and career development supporting Canada’s underserved populations. James Lockyer is celebrated for his long-standing commitment to social justice as a criminal lawyer and as a champion of civil liberties and human rights. John McEwen is honoured for his avant-garde sculptural artworks, large-scale artistic compositions and mastery of weathering steel.

Marshall S. Pynkoski and Jeannette Regula Lajeunesse Zingg are recognized for their unique and creative contributions to opera and ballet. Pekka Sinervo is celebrated for his contributions to particle physics and for his ground-breaking research in the study of heavier quarks. Arthur Slutsky is appointed for his contributions to the research of mechanical ventilation injury and its prevention through non-conventional respiratory mechanics.

Created in 1967, the Order of Canada is one of our country’s highest honours. Presented by the governor general, it honours people whose service shapes our society, whose innovations ignite our imaginations and whose compassion unites our communities. Nearly 7,000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order of Canada. The newest recipients will be invited to accept their insignia at a ceremony to be held at a later date.

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