Toronto residents invited to provide input on governance

The City of Toronto’s new Special Committee on Governance will hold its first meeting at 9:30 a.m. on February 21, in Committee Room 1 at City Hall.

The Special Committee on Governance was struck by city council to consider the impacts on the city’s governance structure and processes arising from the reduction in the size of council, and make recommendations to city council on any further changes to its governance structure.

The public are invited to make a presentation at the meeting or provide written comments in advance of the meeting. The committee is seeking the public’s input on whether the reduction in the size of city council has impacts on, or may have impacts on, the city’s governance and suggestions for changes to the city’s governance structure, including modernizing governance, following the reduction in the size of city council.

The special committee, composed of five council members, will establish a work plan and engagement process that will include public input, review of available research and data, and an evaluation of impacts under the interim structure.

The special committee will conduct its proceedings in accordance with Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 27, Council Procedures. The committee’s meetings are open to the public and comply with the Open Meeting Requirements of the City of Toronto Act, 2006. The committee will report to city council and its mandate would end after making its final recommendations.

Torontonians who want to share their ideas are asked to submit written comments to [email protected] or call 416-397-4579 to register to speak. Presentations at committee are limited to five minutes for each presenter.


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