Toronto Fire Services earns accredited agency status

Toronto Fire Services was recently awarded accredited agency status from the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). After receiving the unanimous consent of the Commission, the City of Toronto is now the largest city with an accredited fire service in North America.

This international accreditation validates the city’s dedication to providing residents, visitors and businesses with industry-leading fire protection services. CFAI accreditation is third-party confirmation of Toronto Fire Services’ commitment to continuously monitor performance, evaluate results against best practices, and deliver fire protection services that meet the needs of Toronto.

The CFAI accreditation program provides a framework for fire services to set goals, develop evidence-based strategic action plans and improve fire protection services.

The multi-year journey to accreditation involved an in-depth review of every aspect of Toronto Fire Services operations, which were evaluated against 256 key performance indicators and international best practices. This included a detailed self-assessment, a comprehensive peer review by a panel of external experts and formal verification by an 11-member commission, representing a cross-section of fire protection experts from across North America.

“I am extremely proud of the women and men who make the Toronto Fire Services an exceptional organization. It is as a direct result of their hard work and tireless effort that the City of Toronto has achieved this laudable goal,” said Mayor John Tory.

Toronto Fire Services’ accredited agency status is valid for five years.

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