Student uses EEG’s and electrodes to control a remote controlled car with her brain

Jason Latimer, world-renowned magician, curator of Impossible Science and Science Channel host, is flying into Toronto on Feb. 6 to perform his Impossible Science Stage Show for students at University of Toronto Schools (UTS).

“He’s coming for one reason, Ananya Chadha. Ananya is an extraordinary STEM mind, TKS innovator, and grade 11 student who won the challenge with her project that used EEG’s and electrodes to control a remote controlled car with her brain,” commented Lauren Baldesarra, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder of ProjectBoard.

The challenge, hosted on ProjectBoard,’s community platform, aimed to inspire students to wonder, ask questions and bring science fiction to life. The challenge was open to middle school and high school students in the USA and Canada.

“The only thing separating the impossible from the possible is the individual wondering about the right question. Our goal with this contest was to inspire that individual! We want to engage students to challenge the impossible through their hows, whys, what ifs and why nots, and encourage them to think outside the box using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” commented Jason Latimer.

When asked why she wanted to win, Chadha said her goal was big… “To share my work with the world and be able to connect with other awesome people in the Brain Computer Interface space. It is quite difficult to get involved with BCIs, but I feel as though this contest might let me connect with awesome smart minds across the globe. If given the opportunity, I could really make an impact on this revolutionary space.”

“Ananya is a force of nature, and embodies everything that is so exciting for what the next generation will accomplish,” says Baldesarra. “She is not only an inspiration to our online community, but is an example the world should look up to. Pair that with Jason Latimer coming to Toronto, and 2019 is an incredible year so far.”

“We are delighted that Ananya is being honoured for her efforts in developing innovative technology related to Brain Computer Interfaces,” says Rosemary Evans, principal at UTS.

Photo: Ananya Chadha, Winner of the Impossible Science Student Challenge. (CNW Group/

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