By Perry Lefko

Serpa Automotive Group is preparing to launch a new dealership in Bolton, the latest as part of a strategy to expand the brand.

Owner Frank Serpa, who has been in the car dealership business for 40 years, is taking over a pre-existing dealership toward the end of the year in the automotive alley of the city by Highway 50.

Serpa Automotive Group sold a BMW dealership in Newmarket in October after operating it for five years in what was called a “business decision.” The plan was to subsequently invest in a new dealership.

“I like the outskirts,” said Frank Serpa, Dealer Principal and President of Serpa Automotive Group. “I think I can sell cars to all commuters in the area and they are bedroom communities. It’s like the Internet. A dealership or a business that shoots straight is good for the Internet. A business that doesn’t work well with the community is not good for that because anyone can go on the Internet and write about their experience.

“Either you’re going to deliver on that (boutique) service or just don’t go into that business. We don’t want to invest money and be number two. We want to invest money and be number one. So go out there and do a good job for every client and off you go. Those little communities are a good place to do business.”

Serpa operates a Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM outlet in Scarborough, and in September it opened a “boutique” in Aurora specializing in buying new and pre-owned luxury automobiles of all makes and models for customers who don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves. There will be other services available at the boutique to make it one-stop shopping.

Serpa said he had been wanting to operate a dealership with luxury automobiles of all makes and was looking for a name to encapsulate that philosophy. His friend Mike Marchese, Owner and President of Marchese Design Inc., put forward the boutique theme.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to display, I just didn’t have the right word to say it,” Serpa said.



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