Registration for Toronto’s summer swim and skate programs begins

Registration for City of Toronto summer swim and skate recreation programs, as well as after-school programming for the coming school year, starts June 8 and continues next week. The City is Toronto’s largest provider of safe, fun and high-quality recreation programs for people of all ages, skill levels and interests.

Extended hours are available to help residents prepare for registration by calling customer service at 416-396-7378 from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on June 6 and 7.

Registration for summer swim and skate programs and After-School Recreation Care (ARC) begins at 7 a.m. on these three dates:
• Saturday, June 8 for Etobicoke and Scarborough
• Tuesday, June 11 for North York and Toronto/ East York and West Toronto/York
• Monday, June 10 for ARC for the upcoming 2019 to 2020 school year

In order to accommodate participants affected by the closure of Agincourt Recreation Centre, program capacity at other recreation locations in Scarborough has been increased. Residents are encouraged to check nearby community centres for the status of registered or drop-in program listings that interest them.

Similar plans for program relocation have been undertaken in the West Toronto/York district due to the fire at The New Generation Youth Recreation Centre and Centennial RC West Pool. Information about programs at Enhanced Youth Spaces (such as the New Generation Youth Recreation Centre) can be found at

As of September 2018, some areas of the Etobicoke/York and Toronto/East York districts merged to create the West Toronto/York district. The registration day for some addresses in these areas has changed. Residents are asked to plan ahead and confirm the district for their programs before registration starts. Locations affected by this change can be found online at

How to register
Step 1: Get account numbers
Residents need a family number and client number to sign up for recreation programs. Those looking to register are encouraged to get their numbers before registration day by calling the customer service line or by speaking with staff at a city community centre.

Step 2: Choose programs
Residents are advised to have a few backup choices prepared in case their preferred program is full. A listing of programs can be found online at or in the printed Spring/Summer FUN Guide available at community centres, libraries, civic centres, and City Hall. A program wish list can be created with the online FUN Guide.

Step 3: Register
Residents are encouraged to have all information and payment options ready before registration starts. There are three ways to register:
• Online at (the easiest and fastest way to register)
• By telephone with help from staff at 416-396-7378
• In person at select locations listed in the printed FUN Guide and available online at

After-School Recreation Care (ARC) programs
Residents can register for ARC online, by phone or in-person at select locations. To guarantee a spot for the duration of the school year, residents need to register for both sessions (Fall and Winter/Spring). More information about ARC programs is available at

Registration is also ongoing for available spaces in summer camps. Interested residents should call 416-396-7378 to find spaces available in city camps.

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