Registration for city’s fall and winter recreation programs begins

Registration for City of Toronto fall and winter recreation programs and December holiday camps starts this Saturday. The city offers a wide range of safe, fun and high-quality recreation programs, including swimming, skating, skiing and snowboarding, for people of all ages, skill levels and interests.

Registration for fall and winter recreation programs begins at 7 a.m. as follows:
• Saturday, September 8 in Etobicoke/York
• Sunday, September 9 in Scarborough
• Wednesday, September 12 in Toronto/East York and West Toronto/York
• Thursday, September 13 in North York

How to register
Step 1: Get account numbers
Residents need a family number and client number to sign up for recreation programs. Those looking to register are encouraged to get their numbers before registration day by calling 416-338-4386 or speaking with staff at a City community centre.

Step 2: Choose programs
Residents are advised to have a few backup choices prepared in case their preferred program is full. A listing of programs can be found online at or in the printed Fall/Winter FUN Guide available at City Hall, civic centres, community centres and libraries. A program wish list can be created with the online FUN Guide.

Step 3: Register
Residents are encouraged to have all information and payment options ready. There are three ways to register:
• online at (online is the easiest and fastest way to register)
• by telephone with customer service assistance at 416-338-4386
• in person at select locations listed in the printed FUN Guide (also available online at

Many community centres offer free recreation programs, including leisure swimming and drop-in programs for children, youth and older adults. More information is available at

To help residents prepare for registration, customer service can be reached at 416-338-4386 and will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on September 5 to 7, 10 and 11.

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