Reelworld Film Festival returns

Six days of amazing films, panels and networking events.

Confirmed to attend the festival for Q&A’s after their films are Roobha‘s director Lenin Sevam; 3 Seconds Divorce director, Shazia Javed with a lively discussion panel directly following the screening. Ce Silence Qui Tue (Quiet Killing) director Kim O’Bomsawin, The Color of Medicine director Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick, Un Printemps D’Aillleurs (A Touch of Spring) director Xiaodan He, 19-S The Earth Shouts director Adriana Delgado Ruiz, and Circle of Steel director Gillian McKercher. These are just a few of the directors who will be on hand to meet the audience and share their personal stories and motivation.

“The festival grows stronger each year because we’re programming films that speak to the cultural struggles of our communities. Since the festival’s inception in 2001, the quality and maturity in our programming have improved each year.  Our racially diverse filmmakers are not afraid to delve into difficult issues and show us the raw emotions of these complex topics,” says Tonya Williams, Reelworld Film Festival Executive and Artistic Director.

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Photo: Tonya Williams, Reelworld Film Festival Executive and Artistic Director

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