Positive effect animals have on owner’s mental health

Two sisters, Anya and Shania Bhopa, have launched the Canadian Courage Project, a non-profit organization striving to raise donations to help aid homeless youth in the GTA with animal companions.

“We know the positive effect our animals have on our mental health and so we want to aid those who may not have the funds to support their animal companion” – Says Anya Bhopa.

The Canadian Courage Project partners with local youth shelters to offer donated food, funds for vaccinations, hygiene products, and essential items to all animal companions.

“We hope to provide courage to pets owners and advocate for mental well-being for all,” says Shania Bhopa.

If you would like to learn more about their initiative or to donate, visit www.thecanadiancourageproject.org/about-us


Photo: Shania Bhopa and her sister, Anya, are advocating for mental well-being for all.

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