Music Canada welcomes Pablo Rodriguez as Minister of Heritage

Music Canada welcomes the Hon. Pablo Rodriquez as Minister of Canadian Heritage and thanks the Hon. Mélanie Joly for her efforts in this role following her appointment as Minister of Tourism. In this role, Rodriguez will be responsible for implementing the government’s plan to strengthen Canada’s cultural and creative industries.

Music Canada has advocated for innovative improvements to Canada’s marketplace, institutions, legal framework, and most pressing, its value gap. The value gap is the difference between the value consumers receive from enjoying creative content and the revenues received by those producing it. Music Canada’s most recent report, The Value Gap: Its Origins, Impacts, and a Made-In Canada Approach, highlights the following key steps policymakers can implement immediately to help close this gap:

  1. Remove the $1.25 million radio royalty exemption
  2. Amend the definition of ‘sound recording’ in the Copyright Act
  3. Address the effects of safe harbour laws and exceptions in Canada
  4. Private copying: renew support for music creators

The report was presented to the Industry, Science and Technology committee as part of the Statutory Review of the Copyright Act and the Canadian Heritage Committee in their study of Remuneration Models for Artists and Creative Industries.

Graham Henderson, president and CEO of Music Canada says that Rodriguez “has the opportunity to improve the livelihood of Canadian creators, by creating the conditions for a functioning marketplace where creators receive fair compensation for the use of their work” in a public statement.

For more information on the report:

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