Mississauga ratepayers face 2.81 per cent tax hike

Mississauga ratepayers are facing a preliminary tax increase of 2.81 per cent in 2018 on an initial budget plan that pretty much relies on maintaining existing services.

The rate takes into consideration the total tax bill that also includes the Region of Peel and a segment for school boards.

The percentage increase is based on the average, detached single-family home in Mississauga which is $604,000. Based on these figures the average actual increase amounts to $144 more than last year.

The budget report shows Mississauga is intent on maintaining and fixing existing services and facilities with no major new capital expenditures. As such, the proposed net operating budget is $485 million of which approximately 95 per cent is targeted to keep City services operating at current levels.

“We approach 2018 in stable financial shape,” says Mississauga city manager Janice Baker, in the budget report. “Our long range financial plan shows that the city is in a strong position to maintain current service levels over the next 10 years.”

The budget calls for improvements to transit, enhancing cultural and library service and fixing roads and buildings.

Mississauga’s budget process now calls for a number of meetings to deliberate the budget items that will culminate with a meeting on December 13 where councillors are expected to make final approvals. During the process that tax rate could go up or down depending if costs or added or eliminated.

The proposed budget can be viewed online at www7.mississauga.ca/eCity/Budget/img/2018/2018-2021-Business-Plan-and-Budget.pdf.

To view how to take part in the budget process visit the web page www.mississauga.ca/portal/cityhall/budget.

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