Ministry of Health launches new approach for Canada’s Food Guide

In launching the new Canada’s Food Guide, the Ministry of Health has dropped milk and dairy along with discouraging red meats and animal products. We are encouraged to drink water and half of our food intake should be fruits and vegetables. Fruit juice is out, as it is now considered liquid sugar, not fruit. We are also told to avoid processed foods and limit alcohol.

Canada’s new dietary guidance includes eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, eating protein foods, choosing whole grain foods and making water your drink of choice. The guide encourages healthy eating beyond the foods you eat, encouraging Canadians to cook more often, enjoy food, be mindful of eating habits and eat meals with others.

Canada’s new food guide is definitely more simple to follow for doing away with confusing recommended portions and serving sizes and for promoting a plant-heavy eating plan that’s more in line with dietary guidance from other countries, where dairy is a much smaller part of the diet.

The new Food Guide includes an online suite of resources that meets the needs of different users, including the general public, policy makers and health professionals. That includes mobile-friendly web content to encourage Canadians to eat healthy whenever and wherever they go. Complete information can be found at

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