Making room for middle-class affordable housing in new draft strategy

The City of Mississauga is taking action on housing affordability with a new draft strategy.

Recently discussed at the Living Arts Centre May 18 the plan is to support housing affordability and focused on middle-income households who do not qualify for public subsidies and cannot afford homes at current prices.

It is called Making Room for the Middle: A Housing Strategy for Mississauga.

To raise awareness about the Strategy, receive feedback and build partnerships to implement the actions, the City of Mississauga is hosting the event.

The city is also planning on hosting a Housing Forum. The event will allow the city to introduce its plan and generate some feedback from residents and stakeholders.

Mayor Barb Crombie highlighted that the draft reads that Mississauga can move forward on actions within its authority.

“It can remove barriers that prevent the development of housing that is affordable to middle-income households by reviewing its own policies and procedures. It can also examine the costs of waiving/deferring the fees it charges and review the impact of changes to the multi-residential tax rate to encourage purpose-built rental housing. These will have real cost implications. A program would be developed to support this initiative and tables at General Committee at a future date.”

Crombie concluded that this puts the City of Mississauga on the right path to getting housing affordability correct.

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