Legends of Horror Returns to Casa Loma

The popular Legends of Horror theatrical event is back at Casa Loma this year featuring The Vampire Circus, a cabaret performance that has been called a “fusion of Tim Burton and Cirque du Soleil.”

The show, running from September 28 till October 31, will have a café transformed by Captain Morgan into the hull of a pirate ship and enhanced 3D images projected onto the walls of the castle itself. The popular haunted Victorian House installation will be back – for those brave enough to enter it.

The annual event, which has grown in popularity since it started three years ago, is a classic theatrical interpretation of horror figures done in the presentational form of “promenade theatre.” The audience walks at their own pace through a two-kilometre trail commencing in the lower gardens of Casa Loma and winds their way to the dimly lit tunnels and darkest spaces in the bowels of the castle.

According to Nick Di Donato, CEO of Liberty Entertainment Group, the success of the event – which welcomed over 65,000 visitors in 2017 – is due to a combination of artistry and technology. “Transforming the grounds of Casa Loma for the Legends of Horror is a lot of fun. We make use of incredible 3D imagery and innovative design to create the setting. Ultimately, however, it is about the audience and the performance. This is an immersive theatre experience where people come to be amazed and – in the spirit of Halloween – be scared a bit in the process.”

For the first time ever, The Vampire Circus will add a dark and tantalizing cabaret element to the show. The Vampire Circus will include a roster of internationally acclaimed performers showcasing multidisciplinary skills of theatre, dance and gymnastics that will leave the audience astounded.

Halfway through the walk, audience members who need some liquid courage can visit the café, transformed by Captain Morgan into the hull of a pirate ship. Guests can enjoy themed specialty cocktails and food before entering the cold basement alcoves of the castle.

The extremely popular Victorian House installation is back – but it is not for the faint of heart. This year the haunted house will feature over 50 ghastly animatronic characters including ghosts, ghouls and massacre victims.

The event, which has increased in popularity every year, is rapidly becoming a much -anticipated Halloween tradition. “Our challenge is to keep adding new elements of horror,” adds Di Donato. “Toronto loves Casa Loma and once a year, we love giving people a fright.”

Photo: Legends of Horror returns to Casa Loma.

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