LEAF subsidizes planting of trees and shrubs in Ajax, Toronto and York Region

Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) is helping property owners in Ajax, Toronto and York Region plant trees and shrubs at a subsidized price.

They help plant native species which are well-suited to our climatic conditions, require less maintenance than exotic species, and provide essential habitat for wildlife. Their focus is to help you get the right species in the right places with the right care so that the trees and shrubs survive and thrive. Roughly half the value of their services are covered by funding partners, so great advice, trees and shrubs become more affordable. For details go to https://www.yourleaf.org/homeowners

LEAF also offers tree planting services for multi-unit and business property owners in Toronto, Ajax and York Region. Learn more about it at Multi-Units and Businesses Subsidized Tree Planting Program.

LEAF volunteers play a critical role in improving the urban forest. If you are over 18, there are many ways that you can get involved depending on your skills, interests and availability. Opportunities include:

  • Community outreach and education: Represent LEAF at community events and talk with people about the Urban Forest and LEAF’s work. Share your tree knowledge and inspire others to take action. Participate in one-off events, or join LEAF’s Outreach Team.
  • Hands-on planting and stewardship: Participate in tree planting and stewardship events. Join a stewardship team that cares for the LEAF Learning Garden or one of our Urban Forest Demonstration Gardens.

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