Brampton’s Singh begins as NDP leader

The next federal election will see new leaders in both the Conservative and New Democrat Party, with Regina-Qu’Appelle’s Andrew Scheer taking the reigns at the former and Brampton’s Jagmeet Singh leading the NDP. There are many differences between Scheer and Singh, with one of them being that Singh took the federal NDPs by storm while serving as an MPP in Ontario.

Not many, or any politicians have been so successful at taking over a federal party while serving on a provincial arm of it. The current MPP for Bramalea Gore Malton has gone from strength to strength in his national campaign for leadership of the party this past year.

Media coverage of Singh has not only spanned the nation’s local, regional and national platforms but also trickled into the U.S. with a feature in GQ magazine Feb. 10th. Singh’s outspoken platforms on employment issues along with his custom tailored suits and signature style have also earned him a celebrity status.

A message posted to his Facebook account, following his victory today read, “Thank you, New Democrats. The run for Prime Minister begins now 🇨🇦 #loveandcourage.”

Image from Jagmeet Singh’s official Facebook page.

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