H Café’s new tiramisu is a Japanese & Italian match made in heaven

Known for providing Japanese treats with flavours that go far beyond the standard,  H  Café is excited to expand its collection of delights with the launch of their new Japanese Tiramisu series in honour of  Japan’s  Golden  Week.

Two decades in the land of the rising sun has seen local Japanese ingredients become infused with Tiramisu, transforming it into exotic twists on an Italian classic.  These Japanese flavours are enhanced by textures that are far lighter and fluffier over the dryer and grainier textures of traditional Italian  Tiramisu.

H Café recently introduced these new flavours:  Sesame,  Matcha,  and  Kinako  (roasted soybean flour), in addition to  Original  Tiramisu.  Each one will be layered with Lady Fingers and Japanese in-house made paste, topped with a delicious powdering of adorable shapes that pay homage to both Japan and Canada.  

The longest vacation period for many workers,  Golden Week is a cluster of holidays in Japan that runs from April 29 to May 6.

A welcome relief for many, Golden Week is a time of fun and relaxation where you can enjoy a variety of food at traditional festivals, including sweets from different regions.  Having Tiramisu for example, Italian for cheer me up, is a perfect way to celebrate the coveted holiday.  

H Café will be offering a  Buy  One  Get  One  Free offer on their new Tiramisu series on May 10 and 11 at its North York and Unionville locations.

Visit https://www.hcafecanada.com. for details.



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