Diversity Kidz helps foster diversity, equity and inclusion through play. The non-profit organization wants to keep the message of inclusion and belonging at the forefront during the Christmas season.

Gift-giving is the hallmark activity of the holidays, and children’s gifts of toys and books frequently lack diversity.

Diversity Kidz is trying to change this in a big way through its Diverse Toy Drive.

Launching on November 28 from its newly redesigned website, Diversity Kidz will invite donors to visit diversitykidz.org to donate, host a drive, or find drop off locations for diverse toys.

“Our NGO (non-profit group), together with sponsors Mattel and Flow 93.5, aims to donate over 2000 diverse gifts,” said Debra McKenzie, founder of Diversity Kidz.

“Giving a gift of inclusion and belonging will inspire children to be the best version of themselves,” McKenzie said. “Children often dream of becoming the dolls, superheroes or lead characters in books that they play with. Seeing themselves reflected in these items will boost their confidence and sense of self. That’s an intangible gift.”

Diversity Kidz encourages the community to support this toy drive by giving each child a life-altering present.

“Together, we can all make diversity normal,” McKenzie said.


Photo: Debra McKenzie with an assortment of diverse toys and books.

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