Free Ride Wednesdays return

Bike Share Toronto riders will ride for free every Wednesday in the month of June.

Courtesy of CAA South Central Ontario, riders can rent a bike for up to 30 minutes at no cost on Wednesdays during the month of June.

“We are committed to improving how people move around the city, and that includes investing in bike sharing in the city to make it easier to travel by bike,” said Mayor Tory. “Cycling is a great way to get around the city. I encourage all Toronto residents and visitors to the city to take advantage of Free Ride Wednesdays in June.”

“CAA has a strong history of supporting cycling and road safety in communities,” said Rhonda English, chief marketing officer, CAA South Central Ontario. “We are always looking for meaningful ways to give back to our members and their communities.  Our support of Bike Share Toronto is a great example of that, and provides an opportunity for Torontonians to explore and utilize the city’s cycling infrastructure.”

“We’re very pleased to once again offer free ride Wednesdays to Torontonians,” said Toronto Parking Authority Acting President Andy Koropeski. “This June, the promotion is brought to you by the Canadian Automobile Association of South Central Ontario. We are very thankful for their generosity and support of Bike Share Toronto.”

More and more Torontonians are recognizing the benefits of bike sharing in the city. In 2017 there were 1.5 million rides hitting a record ride day on May 27 of this year with 9,492 rides in a single day.  We have seen record ridership in the first 5 months of 2018. The year over year growth of ridership is 100%.

Bike Share Toronto now has more than 12,700 active members. Riders have travelled over 25 million kms since 2011.

With CAA joining the promotion of Free Ride Wednesdays this June, it is hoped that the over 950,000 CAA members living in the GTA, will help increase ridership and awareness of Bike Share Toronto even further.

Take advantage of Bike Share Toronto’s Free Ride Wednesdays in June.

  • Download CycleFinder or Transit app, or visit the station map to find a station near you.
  • Go to any of the 270 bike share stations between 12:01am and 11:59pm on one of the Wednesdays in June.
  • Select “Buy a pass” on the kiosk touch screen and select “$0 One-Day”, then insert your credit card and follow the on screen instructions. You can also obtain your pass on Transit or CycleFinder by selecting “Purchase Access Pass” on the apps. *There is a refundable $10 deposit per bike
  • After completing the transaction, type in the code you received into the keypad on the left side of the docking point of the bike of your choice.
  • Go out and explore Toronto for up to a maximum of 30 minutes. *Fees will apply if ride is over allotted 30 minutes.
  • Return your bike to any station.
  • Take out another bike for a free 30 min ride … as many times as you like.

Click here for more information on Free Ride Wednesdays.

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