City of Toronto emergency medical dispatchers honoured at Toronto Paramedic Services event

Toronto Paramedic Services Chief Gord McEachen recently presented 62 individual awards to staff of the Toronto Paramedic Services Communications Centre at Toronto Emergency Services headquarters. This annual event was held as part of Toronto’s 911 Telecommunicators Recognition Week.

The following awards were presented:
• 59 call-takers and emergency medical dispatchers (EMDs) received their Accredited Centre of Excellence (ACE) awards. This certificate is earned by each employee who achieved or exceeded the individual ACE performance standard for 911 call-taking using the medical priority dispatch system protocols.
• Shawn Naraine received the EMD of the Year Award for his overall contribution to the Communications Centre and for being a role model to those he works with.
• John Shirley received the Communications Training Officer Mentor Award for his outstanding contributions to the training, education and development of new call-takers and EMDs.
• Barb Newman, a 40-year service veteran who is a paramedic and an emergency medical dispatcher, received the Senior EMD Leadership award for her outstanding service to the public and her continuous support to colleagues in the Communication Centre in 2018.

“I am extremely proud to recognize our employees for their achievements today. Receiving these individual awards is the highest level of recognition an emergency medical dispatcher can receive, and the highest praise I can give to honour our outstanding employees,”  said Chief McEachen.

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