Canada got it right with the New Food Guide – and why Canadian businesses need to adapt to meet consumers’ changing needs

Canada’s Food Guide got a major overhaul this week, with plant-based foods at the centre of the plate, something the co-founder of Mad Radish applauds in a big way.

In 2016, David Segal left DAVIDsTEA, the company he had founded, to pursue his mission to change the way Canadians eat. Two years ago, he opened Mad Radish, a chain of salad shops with an ingredient focused, chef-driven menu chock-full of veggies, grains and proteins – many of which are plant-based. Today, Mad Radish has locations in Ottawa and Toronto – with plans in place for a national roll-out.

A major motivator for Segal? The difficulty he faced trying to find crave-worthy, healthy, on-the-go options when he was on the road with DAVIDsTEA. And he believes that following the new food guide will remain challenging for Canadians if offering great tasting, healthy food isn’t more of a priority for Canadian brands and businesses.

“Diet is the most important health issue of our time,” explains Segal. “Canada’s new food guide offers forward-thinking recommendations that will help Canadians eat better, every day. But trying to find a meal that meets those guidelines when you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go is really, really hard – that’s something that we need to come together and work to change.”

Photo by Anna Pelzer

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