Brampton Flight Centre set to SOAR with Air Georgian

Students’ opportunities continue to soar.

Air Georgian welcomes Brampton Flight Centre (BFC) to its SOAR flight school program. This partnership will offer BFC flight instructors the valuable opportunity to become First Officers with Air Georgian through the program’s career guidance and advancement initiatives.

Air Georgian developed SOAR last spring to strengthen its education, recruitment and employee retention efforts. Based at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Air Georgian has been a member of the Air Canada family for almost 20 years. Operating under the brand name of Air Canada Express, Air Georgian makes 62,000 flights per year to 31 Canadian and U.S. destinations.

The Brampton Flight Centre is owned and operated by the Brampton Flying Club at the Brampton-Caledon Airport. BFC is renowned for the effective development and delivery of aviation services, with its core business being flight training and other aviation education. Thousands of pilots have trained and graduated from BFC flight training programs since its operations began in 1946. It is this reputation in flight training that makes BFC an ideal partner for Air Georgian in achieving success with its SOAR program.

“Air Georgian and BFC have maintained a very strong and close relationship over the years and have adopted numerous other hiring initiatives which have served both companies very well. The addition of this program is yet another way for us to foster career progression from flight school to airline,” said Scott Peters, Air Georgian’s Corporate Training Manager and Chief Instructor.

Air Georgian’s SOAR (Sharing Opportunities for Advancement and Reward) program has three fundamental goals: to promote careers in aviation to high school students, to create solid recruitment programs with flight schools and air operators for transition into the Air Georgian family, and to build a successful employee retention program for Air Georgian employees by providing career advancement opportunities both internally and at Air Canada.

“This program aims to attract the best and brightest candidates to work as flight instructors before transitioning to Air Georgian. Also, it creates a first-rate pool of potential new airline pilots while allowing BFC to be an exemplary employment opportunity for anyone looking to enter the aviation industry. This agreement enables growth for both Air Georgian and the Brampton Flight Centre in the years to come.” said Scott Chayko, BFC’s Chief Flight Instructor.

SOAR officially launches in November 2017. For information: For information about BFC, visit

Photo: Brampton Flying Centre flight training students (source: BFC)


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