Aurora Cannabis welcomes Royal Assent of Canada’s Cannabis Act

Aurora Cannabis Inc. shared some comments on the granting of Royal Assent to Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act. With Royal Assent received, the legislation legalizing cannabis for adult consumer use has now passed its final official step, and retail sales are to commence October 17, 2018, as announced by Canada’s federal government on June 20.

“The granting of Royal Assent .. ends nearly a century of cannabis prohibition, marking a truly historic moment for all Canada, for Canadian public policy, and for this country’s cannabis sector,” said Terry Booth, CEO. “International delegates have been coming to Canada for years to study our medical cannabis system, which is globally renowned for its efficiency and success. Canada’s legal framework is increasingly serving as a model for other countries looking to implement their own medical cannabis legislation. With the Cannabis Act, Canada further establishes its global leadership as the only G7 country to legalize adult consumer use.”

Booth continued, “Aurora is executing on a broad, deep and innovative consumer market strategy, supported by massive production, extensive distribution channels and strong brands. With production at our facilities, including Aurora Sky, ramping up very rapidly, we look forward to provide this large and exciting market with an excellent portfolio of Aurora Standard products, ensuring unique user experiences to a new group of customers from October 17, 2018 onwards.”





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