Nowadays, the word convenience is one we’re all familiar with. As multitaskers in any capacity of life, we generally look and strive to be our optimal best with as little work as possible.

The world of supplementation offers promises of a new you with the potential to reach heights of undiscovered platforms your body is waiting for you to take on.

From costly lotions and potions to obscenely expensive gastronomic creations, we all fall into that crevice of justification for our own reasons at some time or another. We all have an innate ability to question and discover, especially when it comes to our health. That said, time to uncover some truths which may be lurking as questions you’ve been wondering about when you’re just about to empty your wallet in pursuit for instant satisfaction.

Collagen. Bone broth is quite possibly the loudest trend today. It’s derived by cooking animal sourced bones and various other organs over heat for a prolonged period of time, with various additions to the mix in order to extract the collagen to its fullest, therefore imparting more healthful benefits to the consumer. Pros: if sourced correctly, you’re on your way to possibly achieve stronger bones, teeth, hair, nails, lessening cellulite and decreasing appetite. Cons: as healthful as it sounds, it is void of essential minerals which can, over time, tax the body if a balanced diet is not followed.

Antioxidants. I often describe these to my clients as the PacMan in your blood which engulfs the free radicals (bad guys). These are also crucial for proper skin cell formation and radiance we all strive for. Environmental pollutants, irritants and excess foods which we know are unhealthy, all contribute to an abundant amount of unwanted free radicals in the body. This last decade has shown an enormous boost in sales for various topical creams containing antioxidants (AO’s).

Specifically, vitamins A, C, E and minerals selenium and zinc are the most concentrated components. Food science is now identifying specific AO’s and isolating how each can benefit the body even more by combining with other AO rich foods. Dark chocolate, fresh berries (especially cranberries and blueberries), russet potatoes, kidney beans and authentic green tea are all potent sources. Cons: inflated costs of skin care which boast these AO’s, leave us to wonder if topical additions are that influential in comparison to what we put into our bodies instead.

Last but not least, lotions and potions. Next to what we ingest, our skin is the second largest organ to absorb the benefits or not of what we put on it. From parabens to PEG to petrolatum, there are always natural alternatives at your fingertips with minimal ingredient lists your whole body can benefit from. Consider natural oils to replenish skins elasticity without the unnecessary ingredients.

Working with a nutrition professional allows you to explore sensible options based on today’s latest food science facts and strive to discover how simple being your optimal best can be.


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